Cretch, Primary, Secondary and Pre-Degree

Early Years

Our early childhood education is centered on Nigerian and British Curriculum blend where rigorous sensitive eclectic teaching approach is applied for the development of the mind, intellect and character of the child, harnessing his/her innate ability.
All children to be admitted shall have their application forms completed by their parents/guardians. Children admitted are usually between the ages of two and five for the Pre-school and Reception classes.


The school provides uniforms for pupils. Children must come to school neatly dressed in clean uniform, white socks and black shoes (not patent leather) or clean P.E. uniforms, white socks and canvas.
The school uniform is obtainable in the school store by the store keeper.
Girls should have their hair neatly braided or plaited. Only moderate adornments for the hair which match the school uniform are allowed. However, hair extensions of any sort is not permitted.
The ages for the Primary classes are between five and six years.
The selection process depends largely on scores obtained from I.Q. tests and other types of tests/interviews administered by the school. Offer of admission is however on a first come, first served basis.
Application forms and prospectus is obtained from the school office on payment of the application fee. Parents are advised to fill the application forms correctly. This is to ensure that proper record of information about the applicant is obtained. Those who pass the test and interviews consequently get an offer of admission and parents are usually required to pay an admission fee.


Our Focus at Efab Secondary Schools is as follows:

  1. To develop and improve the creative and innovative abilities of pupils, students and teachers.
  2. Expanding the level of science and mathematics teaching and learning.
  3. Implementing an information science and technology culture.
  4. Emphasizing scientific sport development.
  5. Fostering an entrepreneurship culture.
  6. Instilling positive cultural life values and discipline in the teaching and learning programme.
  7. Raising the academic excellence and performance of students.
  8. Developing the level of human capital (via knowledge, skills and attitude training) of students and teachers.
  9. Managing the quality of the teaching and learning programmes in the schools.
  10. Contributing to a culture of life-long learning amongst students and teachers

The secondary section of the school operates DAY and BOARDING for male and female students.

To gain admission into the secondary school, the prospective candidate must have completed at least year 5 (or its equivalent) in a recognized primary school within or outside the country.

An application form is obtained, after which a prospective student writes an entrance examination.

This is followed by a comprehensive interview which is usually conducted on the school premises. The successful candidates are admitted. Admission, as a matter of policy, is restricted to years 7, 8, 10 and 11, subject to vacancies in any of these classes.

It is important that both parents meet the Principal/Head of schools before a student is finally admitted into any of our Secondary Schools.


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