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Efab International School EIS provides a high quality British / Nigeria curricular with good educational content, planning, and teaching techniques. The curriculum is challenging, inspiring, adaptable and flexible.

Our curriculum prepares learners to create their own future and to adapt to the needs of the society. It promotes an all-round education, focusing on the total well-being of the learners (cognitive, emotional and psycho-motor). In short: It prepares learners for the opportunities and experiences of a highly competitive society.

The above Curriculum is broad, in-depth and appropriate to learning which encourages creativity and innovation, based on the higher cognitive domains of learning. The outcomes of the Curriculum last a lifetime and encourage lifelong learning.

At EIS, learning by experience, by doing, seeing and being physically challenged is integrated into the curriculum to nurture the minds of our future leaders.

Our Learners are involved actively in the execution of the Curriculum, Continuous Assessment and Systemic Evaluation, based on data and a time line are implemented by educators. Learners take responsibility for self-assessment and peer evaluation; focusing on academic standards and outcomes.

At EIS Primary and Secondary Schools, teachers implement effective feedback-mechanisms and adjust their teaching strategies, taking into account assessment results and the development and self-esteem of learners.

In the execution of our curriculum, we have educators that are:

  1. Providers of opportunities,
  2. Evaluators of learning procedures,
  3. Assessors of progress,
  4. Educational professionals
  5. Inspirational leaders

Therefore, at EIS, Curriculum Development is a dynamic process that is always based on the results, findings, outcomes and suggestions of action research projects.

Curriculum Objectives that we are using are based upon the following course offerings:

Grade 5

Basic Science & Technology
Agricultural Science
Computer Science
Cultural and Creative Arts
Nigerian Languages:Yoruba, Hausa & Igbo
Physical & Health Education
Social Science & Civics

Agricultural Science
Basic Technology
Computer Science
Cultural and Creative Arts
Nigerian Languages: Yoruba, Hausa & Igbo
Physical & Health Education
Social Studies
Business Studies
class section


English Language
General Mathematics
One Trade / Entrepreneurship
Computer Studies / ICT
Civic education
Nigerian Languages Biology Technical Drawing
Lit. in English Chemistry
Geography Physics
Government Further Mathematics
Virtual arts

Note: Students who select 3 subjects in any of the specialized fields may choose One (1) elective subject outside his/her field of study to meet the required number of nine (9) subjects expected of them. All pure science students should take Biology until final decisions are made. All students will take Economics until the end of the end of second semester in SS2.

Extra-Curricular Fun

EIS offers a wide range of activities each semester. A rich collection of activities provides opportunities for students in Prekindergarten through Eleventh Grade to develop leadership skills, build a sense of community, recognize and respect differences, pursue specific interests and have fun. The school offers academic, sporting, recreational and artistic activities ensuring students can discover their potential, explore their interests and develop their sportsmanship, teamwork and fair play. The program is comprehensive, offering a variety of interests and abilities, to ensure that all students have the opportunity to participate and develop fully.
Some activities are offered by the school and are usually with no cost though sometimes special materials or transportation are necessary for the activity and a fee may be charged. There are some
activities that are privately run and they may charge specific fees as approved and advertised before sign-up. Below is a list of some of the School Activities and Clubs at EIS:

Our Focus in Efab International School is as follows:

Our Focus EIS is as follows:

  1. Expanding the level of science and mathematics teaching and learning.
  2. Implementing an information science and technology culture.
  3. Emphasizing scientific sport development
  4. Fostering an entrepreneurship culture.
  5. Instilling positive cultural life values and discipline in the teaching and learning programme.
  6. Raising the academic excellence and performance of students.
  7. Developing the level of human capital (via knowledge, skills and attitude training) of students and teachers.
  8. Managing the quality of the teaching and learning programmes in the schools.
  9. Contributing to a culture of life-long learning amongst students and teachers.


Welcome to Our Citadel – Our Curriculum is coherent with the needs of learners, Nigeria and the broader international society. The Success of every education is in its Foundation Lean more

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